Zerospan ZPT Upgrade Notice

[Source:Zerospan    Time:2021-03-08 13:44:45    Reading:69]

Sincerely thank you all for the support to Zerospan for years. As demand for explosion-proof certification from our leading agents increases, ALIA GROUP has begun to carry out various international certifications including ATEX, IEC, EAC, etc.
Regarding the ZPT8000/ZDP9000/ZDP9000L/ZDF9500 series,these products are of the same certification structure, but with different models. Provided with the advice from certified consulting firm we decided to unify the following models as ZPT:
Previous model: ZDP9000/ZDP9000L/ZDF9500
New model: ZPT9000/ZPT9000L/ZPT9500
If you have any question about the announcement, please be free to contact our sales, thank you.